How We Work

Success does not come by accident. It is the result of planned activity and systematic processes that ensure:




We accomplish these tenets, in large part, through the expertise of our front-line staff of project managers, translators, editors, proofreaders and desktop publishers.

“I need a new translation fast. Yesterday fast! There’s no way you can meet our deadlines.”

Meeting Deadlines

Well no, we can’t get a new translation done “yesterday,” but we do understand that urgent projects arise, and our team is prepared for them. Quick deadlines should never be an excuse for substandard results. A fast turnaround doesn’t scare us! How do we do it? Our team is global. We have one of the largest resource pools in the industry. We work when you work – whatever your time zone or locale. And your urgency becomes our mandate for responsiveness and efficient excellence. Time is not the enemy of a deadline – wasted time is!

Project Management

At Technical Language Services (TLS) we know you are busy, and we would never put the onus of a successful translation endeavor back on you. From the moment you meet your TLS Project Manager, you will understand why our services are seamless and complete.

TLS Project Managers are experienced linguistic specialists trained in translation workflow, management, and quality control. They are responsible for assembling the perfect team for your job, based on subject matter expertise, understanding of the audience, and familiarity with the client and/or the materials. Your Project Manager will oversee every stage of the translation process and is responsible for ensuring the utmost in quality and responsiveness. In their capable hands, you can rest assured that the job will be done to the highest standards. Our goal is to make you look good!

Cultural & Linguistic Review

When you launch your global venture, if it’s not right – you will know! Unfortunately, at that point, it’s too late!

A cultural and linguistic review of the source text is critical for translations to truly resonate with your audience. Any questions about acronyms, technical terminology, cultural references, untranslatable concepts, or anything that isn’t perfectly clear, is addressed upfront, before any translating begins. By identifying these potential pitfalls at the outset, we can achieve the most accurate translation possible, saving you time and money, and preventing any last-minute mistakes that could jeopardize your final product.

“Our Industry is unique. Do you even have experience with our Subject Matter?”

Following a comprehensive analysis of your translation project, a team is hand-selected based on fluency in the target language pair, expertise in your industry/subject matter and your project’s document type, resulting in a comprehensive localization solution tailored just for you.

Language Pair

Our expansive in-house translation team offers localized expertise in more than 170 languages, including Far-Eastern languages, which are not offered by most translation companies.

Document Type

Translating a technical manual is different from translating a patent or localized branding. Your translator will have substantial experience working with your project document type to ensure an accurate and successful translation.

Industry & Subject Matter

By employing translators experienced in your industry and subject matter, we can guarantee the accuracy of all our work.

“Communication does not begin with being understood, but with understanding.”
– W. Steven Brown

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