What is the cost for your professional translation services?

Before we answer that question – we have one of our own to ask.

“What is more important to you, Cost or Value?”

You see, if the dollars and yen of your translation project are of the utmost importance and are the bar against which all service providers are to be evaluated… May I suggest a do-it-yourself software package that will provide a modicum of value, mediocre results and an amazing price!

Not exactly what you’re looking for, is it?

We know that your project, be it large or small, singular or ongoing, is important to your business. If it wasn’t, we are certain you wouldn’t be wasting your valuable skills, time and resources researching your options right now.

While we will never outperform a basic software package based solely on purchase price, Technical Language Services does provide unchallenged VALUE and peace of mind for your global initiatives.

Another question.

“What is the COST of getting it wrong?”


  • Delayed Output
  • Failed Product or Initiative Launches
  • Unrecoverable Expenses
  • Detrimental Lasting Impressions in the Target Country
  • Liability Damages for Technical or Medical Translation Errors

The potential for financial and brand-equity losses is significant. This is the true COST of entering the international arena. Don’t allow your initiative to get Lost in Translation.

“Nothing is so simple that it cannot be misunderstood.”
– Jr. Teague

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