Unlike most translation companies, Technical Language Services (TLS) was founded with the core policy of employing a permanent in-house staff of highly trained linguists, editors and quality management staff. This policy has allowed TLS to develop a highly controlled and systemized process to increase and maintain the quality of our translations, reducing the overall costs to the client. This yielded our proprietary processes, which we implement daily on projects of any size! This knowledge and expertise has continued to give TLS a highly competitive edge, particularly in patent translation.

Our standard process goes beyond just simple translation and allows our clients to receive a higher quality service for very competitive prices. Our process is not based solely on a translation of the document — second-stage editing is performed by a staff member holding similar qualifications to the lead translator, and a third quality-control check is performed by yet another independent person.

We guarantee each document is professionally translated by a bilingual translator who is expert in both the language pair and document type; edited by a second translator who is equally qualified (most of our competitors use non-bilingual checkers at this stage); desktop published to include all artwork and data in their original format; proofread (this stage is often skipped by competitors); archived for future reference and use at no extra charge to you; and certified by our company. Each member of our team is handpicked for your projects as well.

Initial Consultation and Evaluation

The project manager who is assigned to your translation project is the number-one reason your translation moves forward at a smooth pace and without any problems. TLS has project managers who have been with the company for over 10 years. They know our system, are experienced linguist specialists trained in translation workflow management and quality control and are willing to improve on it, accepting nothing else than exceptional quality from the teams they put together. Project managers oversee every stage of the translation process and are responsible for overall project quality. Their job is to pick the translation team based on subject matter expertise, understanding of the audience and familiarity with the client or the materials.

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