Policy violations and infringements of intellectual property rights are a significant concern. International trade has become a highly sophisticated business, primarily driven by the Internet. Crossing the language barrier and being first to file is critical in this global market. The key to success is hiring a translation provider who can demonstrate technical accuracy, clarity in communication and subject-matter expertise.


Unlike most translation companies, our FELD division employs a permanent in-house staff of highly trained linguists, editors and quality managers who are responsible for handling the growing demand for Japanese to English translations. Our highly controlled and systematized Far Eastern Language operation imparts the highest quality translations with lower overall costs.


Technical Language Services has extensive experience in healthcare translation, from hospital signage and consent forms to evidence of coverage manuals and health promotion materials. Entrusting your vital documents to an experienced language services provider, knowledgeable in your industry and audience, is a vital step toward ensuring quality multilingual communications.


The Legal Services Industry comes with unique translation avenues that do not apply to most other industries. More than document translation, Legal Services can entail Trial & Deposition Interpretations, Discovery Assessment, and sensitive Technical / Forensic Analysis. With your Technical Language Services dedicated team, you can be assured of confidential case-level continuity throughout the process.


The retail sector is an entity unto itself – with facets and areas as diverse as they come. It takes true versatility and a firm grasp of cultural consumerism to properly apply localization techniques to an international brand or product launch. Here especially, translation becomes as much art as science. Our experienced linguists know precisely how to impart your valuable product information in a way that also conveys the sentiment of the original. By adhering to cultural expectations and target market indicators, you are more likely to create international brand awareness, advocacy and consumer loyalty.


From newscasts to entertainment and digital media, information is king, and the king is on the move! Companies can no longer expect to keep pace without making strides in the international arena. Technical Language Services offers a complete suite of multimedia solutions to aid you in your reach. Services include script translations, in-studio interpreting, technical app & game conversions, and culturally specific copy & dialogue adaptations.


Our financial-services division incorporates comprehensive solutions with an exacting approach to target-country regulations and standards. Specific areas of expertise include: private-sector banking, corporate and investor instruments, compliance reporting, accounting policies, proposal requests and insurance claims.


Worker safety communication, service offerings, regulatory approvals, manual translations and technical patents. These things all serve your global aspirations when they are properly handled by a progressive globalization firm, like Technical Language Services, that recognizes the need for language pairing fluency in concert with industry and document expertise.


The travel & tourism industry requires a comprehensive approach, as consumers are often involved in every step of the travel cycle, from online research to booking, onsite consumption, social media activity and loyalty program usage. Multiple language variations are often required in order to best serve these global guests, an effort that increases exposure as well as the potential for language & cultural faux pas. Our in-house translation professionals offer the ideal mix of varied localization-field experience to ensure guests from every corner of the globe will feel at home in their travels with your organization.


International implications abound within the energy and utility resources industry. Technical accuracy in safety, marketing, investor communications and regulatory approvals can make or break an endeavor. Our capabilities include a variety of materials such as: OSHA Standards, Environmental Impact Studies, Safety Training, Sustainability Reports, Technical Manuals, Marketing Materials, Patents, Data Sheets, Claim Forms and Internal Communications.


This is one of the fastest growing industries in the global marketplace. Effective communication is the key to securing market share and brand equity. Our solutions for the automotive industry range from highly technical to direct-response consumer marketing. Your Technical Language Services team will work as a cohesive unit, ensuring continuity of message, tone and cultural relevance.


Aircraft manufacturing requires highly technical competency, regulatory adherence and significant localization mastery. Our accurate translations of your detailed technical documentation, maintenance & safety manuals, and training materials help ensure end-user comprehension, compliance and global consistency.

“Regardless of the changes in technology, the market for well-crafted messages will always have an audience.”
— Steve Burnett
The Burnett Group

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